St Kitts And Nevis Wedding Packages [Cheap, Affordable & the Best]

The whole world knows that when it comes to having wedding ceremonies, the Caribbean is home to several beaches, hills, aesthetic views, lush greeny, and beautiful landscapes that will leave your day perfect and memorable for your partner, friends, families, guests, and well-wishers.

One of these amazing venues is St. Kitts & Nevis resort. It offers numerous all-inclusive wedding packages that will paint you in awe, happiness, and presidential treatments.

Have you ever imagined making your vow under a sunny blue sky with jaw-breaking lighting, chairs, charming historic ruins, and a romantic venue? Imagine no more, you just got a physical representation. Amazingly, there are no requirements based on residency before you can go ahead in tying the nuptial knots.

The top on the list of all-inclusive wedding packages on St Kitts and Nevis are:

  • Brimstone Hill
  • Romney Manor
  • Spice Mill

However, before we dive into the totality of all its all-inclusive wedding packages available in St Kitts and Nevis resorts, here are a few things you need to know:

First, is the legal requirements, although their no documents needed for your stay on the beach or in the result, you need to have a valid and active ID or a passport, a certified, or original copy of your birth certificate, if you were ones been widowed, you need to provide the death certificate of the dead spouse.

You also need to provide a seal or stamp from the court if you divorced your partner before. And this must be provided in an original copy. Lastly, a notarized translation is needed if all or any of your documents are not written in the English language, for better, accurate, and swift understanding.

Then about Catholic weddings, marriage counseling sessions must be observed by the parish priest if a couple from such a background is to get wedded.

Afterward, their Catholic documents should be submitted to the management of the resort. Since all catholic weddings hold in the church, couples to be are to provide with a letter straight from the hands of their resident priest, which should contain that they have not been married yet, and all the important instructions have been duly accessed.

For other religions, be it Anglican, Baptist, or any other religion or minister, it must be noted that the soon-to-be-wedded couples are to come with a letter from the residential head or minister, stating that they have not been married and the totality of all that is to be known now sits in everyone.

You might choose to observe your counseling session either in St Kitts or right in your church of residence. And the counseling session must be carried out by your priest in your church before the ceremony can carry on.

Speaking about the fees, to get married, St Kitts charge just $200 (XCD), while there will be an assessment fee from the Justice of the Peace as well. For wedding ceremonies conducted by the magistrate the opening time for such is between 8 AM – 6 PM, while those that will be handled by a religious head happen between 6 AM – 6 PM.

Now, let’s speak about it deeply:

  • Brimstone Hill

It is an event center and wedding venue, asides from other activities that are carried out, therein. Different phases are available in proportion to your budget. You can get a gazebo rental, a stand with the unity candle, and chairs for like 100 guests for as low as $100.

A private rendezvous is somewhat available for the fee of $900, which caters to just 50 guests. It will get you a rental field and building, white chair covers with tables, 2 8 ft lengths of tables strictly for a bridal party, rehearsal, and a ceremonial wedding coordinator. Isn’t that amazing?

Another all-inclusive wedding package exists for the rate of $1,500, and it is known as Outdoor Delight. You also get to enjoy white chairs with covers, tables, a field and rental building, and a professional wedding ceremony that comes with a ceremonial rehearsal.

Based on patronage, you get premium access to a couple of great wedding planning services with several other things that will make your wedding ceremony a remarkable one, even without any blemish. The rules, terms and conditions, packages, and prices are flexible to change, all to make them pocket-friendly.

Wedding venues here can either be indoors or outdoors, based on your preference. A lot of works, creative interior decorations mixed with a touch of nature, are at your fingertips. It is a nice place for Saint Kitts and Nevis destination weddings.

Additionally, is the mother and home to one of the renowned natural parks in the world, the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, which is preserved as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

This island is a stone’s throw away from Basseterre’s capital. This venue is sweet for you, especially with its numerous sites where you can have amazing pictures with either your friends, families or loved ones. It is ideal for everything you want to do without obstruction, you need to check it out.

  • Spice Mill

You would agree with me that wedding ceremonies are not yearly like birthdays, hence, you need to spice all things on such a beautiful day to make it memorable, exotic, luxurious, and amazing, as you cut all notes based on your pocket size. Spice Mill would not disappoint you in this.

It offers a great bar and menu creation alongside great wedding coordinators that will ensure that the totality of your wedding ceremony is smooth. Right before the face of the Spice Mill beach comes an edified altar that will be styled just by the beach.

Ivory will be well designed and colored with artificial flowers and chiffon. A ring pillow will also be at your service alongside high metal stands, standing on all sides of the table.

You will also get a white carpet with 6 different, colorful artificial flowers that will also be placed on the left and right sides of the metallic stands. To represent luck, two white doves will be released into the air in the course of the wedding ceremony. Not leaving out anything, you will also get an experienced DJ that will be entertaining you as cool and preferred music leaves the mouth of the standard and sophisticated sound systems in the venue.

Satin and ivory-looking chiffon with also be at the venue, expecting the arrival of the couples from a private yacht that will transport them on board. It is within the volcanoes that the bride and groom take a conjugal walk into the hall. The napkins, all the bracelets, Champagne glasses, candle holders, and Swarovski stone candles won’t be left out as well.

All the guests, if interested, will have a four-hour drink session, And most of the drinks that will be on board are non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Are you a fan of hots (you don’t want to miss this? Believe me, if I say that these drinks will be in their numbers, everything goes on an unlimited ride.

Wedding cake, made by professional fingers, and bakers, has a role to play in the course of your wedding as well. The cake will be a 3-layer one accompanied by volcano-like fireworks, 4 robot light shows and a uniquely made bridal bouquet.

The bride will get a specialist in make-up artistry, and a hairstylist, while the groom got the time to make his hair as well. Fresh flowers and groom’s collar flowers are also one of a kind, one that will light up your day and make it perfect.

A special photographer who majors in field, wedding, and outdoor photography will also be taking between 350, at minimum, and 750 pictures, at most, to make things smooth. A hard disk will contain all the original unrevised videos, all at your service.

Now, let us talk about the price tags, cocktails, meals, and other undiscussed details.  The prices are calculated in Euros, and the capacity of people for both the cocktail differs. Be it weekdays or weekends, you get to have minimum heads between 50 to 100 people.

In total, the meal capacity for a meal is between 100-500 persons, while the cocktail session is between 500 to 750 heads; accommodation capacity also shares the same figure. While indoor capacity is between 400 to 500 heads, outdoor capacity is 750 to 1000. Finally, on the capacity of the parking space, the garage can only take between 200 to 300 persons.

  • Romney Manor

Also known as Manor House Country, it has won several awards as a wedding venue, while our wedding packages are in ranges, just to suit anyone and everyone’s preference or budget. You have the whole world to yourself by making demands and requesting anything of your choice without thinking of being shunned.

The customer service and entire team are always for you 24/7, all you need do is tender what you want and you get it in no distant time. Ranging from menu choices to exotic drinks, wines, and presidential receptions, just name it. Everyone is to work side-by-side with you.

Included in the all-inclusive wedding packages are an evening buffet, for everyone, a bridal party with a prosecco reception, leather chairs sweetly made for the banquet, any preference for the main course and a silver wedding meal, and top-up exotic wines for dinner.

Not excluded are fairy lights for the backdrop, centerpieces of your choice, lobby and premium drinks, strictly for the reception. Other things are shortbread and a well-flavored coffee or tea for all the guests on arrival.

All prices are likewise on discount with additional 15 rooms for all your guests, however the complimentary bridal suite? I am sure it is something you would not want to miss. In case you have any other requirements in mind, you may want to include them upon bookings for the team to help you out.

  • Park Hyatt Sydney

I can boldly beat my chest that making use of this place will give you an enriching, different, and sophisticated experience with a touch of Australian style. Ask everyone around, don’t be surprised when they overdose you with the magical happiness they got, and undeniable feeling.

You will get a romantic backdrop with a silver-service restaurant, sumptuous cuisine with elegant dishes, mutual guestrooms, and amazing interiors in every room you step your feet in. You need not worry about the treatment your guests will get, everyone is covered. All or most of the suites are grazed with private, premium balconies luxury views, and guaranteed Sydney Harbour.

Every ingredient is sustainable, well chosen, and healthy for your lovely throats. The living room, bar offer, dining room and other spaces, therein, are all internationally Australian and European.

Little did you know about the luxury stores, museums, art galleries, villages, cafes, and laneways. Believe me, if I say they are lit. You even got a spa treatment hub where you get delightful spa rituals with impeccable results.

The hotel highlights are available every there plus butler service. There is also a terrace, private wharf, and exclusive access to the Australian artworks at the gallery. Lastly, professionals are also on board to ease the stress of things and make things go smoothly from the beginning to the end.

The gallery and the guest house are the two available venues here. Speaking about Park Hyatt Sydney’s gallery, it costs $195 per person, and it has a total capacity of 80 guests. For the sitting positions, accommodation is only available for 120 guests only, while cocktails will be on board for 200 pairs of lips.

The gallery is room for several beautiful artworks from the hands of Australian artists, and its entirety is well designed with sweet space and intimacy. That is not all, there are also audio-visual facilities that will leave your lips unclad. The menus cannot be swept under the carpet.

A lectern, standard audio gadgets, speakers and microphones, a bridal suite and room, and a dance floor (available for whomever requests), are some of the facilities, therein. You also have a pre-reception treat, additional accommodation, and AV with enough ceremonial space.

The Guest House is another venue you would love to hear speak without opening her lips. It can have a minimum of 50 heads at the price of $295 per head. For the cocktails, they are only available for 150 guests.

Speaking about the venue, all you have to do is commit all aspects of the wedding ceremony to the hands of the wedding coordinators that will be designated to you. They are all professionals.

You have a ceaseless look over the Syndey Opera House, plus all the premium presentations that will be sourced from the kitchen for you, your partner, and the entire guest. A private harbourfront with an exclusive terrace at Sydney’s resorts is undoubtedly one of the best.

The facilities open for you there are microphones, a projector and a screen, natural light, a bridal suite, and room a dance floor (also available if requested), spacious ceremonial terrain, pre-reception, and AV; all have additional features.

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4 Best Wedding Hotels in St. Kitts & Nevis

According to research made by the U.S World Report ranks and News, Saint Kitts & Nevis got a Silver badge, has being a top 30% of the top-rated hotels. Tripadvisor also provided a ranking list based on user rating and the class of hotels, still, St. Kitts & Nevis remain unshakeable. Here are the most exclusive hotels offering all-inclusive wedding packages, therein:

  • Park Hyatt St. Kitts Christophe Harbour

As one of the best on the list, guests surely enjoy the terrace and balcony view, the spa services are available since it is family-friendly as well. Rich history feeds your souls in elation, the guestrooms are spacious and it is a blend of all contemporary architectures.

A three-signature restaurant is there with a sumptuous culinary experience. The 126 guest rooms, luxuriously made alongside 48 suites plus two swimming pools for relaxation on an individual rooftop can’t go wrong.

All services are completely complimentary, no itch, you should have peace of mind when you choose Park Hyatt’s all-inclusive wedding package at St Kitt’s Christophe Harbour.

Hiking, snorkeling, beach, water sports, and kids’ club are also available, although they come with additional charges. Without paying a dime, the couple and all the guests enjoy free WiFi and free private parking, you need not request reservations.

Additionally, the wife to be enjoy hairstyling and make-up sessions from one of the professionals on-site. You just need to visit the beauty salon. Honeymoon suits and a private smoking arena are yours with no added fee too.

Then to wellness and health facilities, there are massage chairs for full body massage, couples’ massage, hand or head massage, back or neck massage, foot massage, and other spa amenities.

You can come with your pet to the hotel for your wedding ceremony, however, you have to pay additional fees. Amazingly, there is no age limit for all the services provided, everyone can enjoy himself as the nuptial nut is tied. The charge for an all-inclusive wedding package varies, but the lowest here is $8,800.

  • Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

For an exceptional wedding in the Carribeans, Nisbet Plantation Beach Club offers the most ideal packages. You are open to exotic treatment on idyllic Nevis, where our services are smoothly done with a touch of excellence.

Nisbet Plantation is mostly known for its outstanding staff & team services, hospitability, and stressless wedding ceremonies that are all-inclusive. As a commemoration treatment, all couples that have made their vows on this romantic Caribbean venue get to plant a coconut palm on the property of the beach to foster the environment.

They are even free to come back for their anniversaries and check out the growth and development of the palm as they celebrate. Two wedding packages are all-inclusive at the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club.

First, is the package that goes for $1,595, whose inclusions include an hour of private massage, for both couples, expanded, redesigned, and relocated pre-wedding jitters, strictly in the spa.

You also have the preference to select your wedding location, while the decoration is left for the Nisbet to take care of. You can either choose the Avenue of the Palms, the beach or any romantic backdrop available.

Additionally, our bridal flowers or bouquets, the professional services of a wedding coordinator, and a photographer take 24 well-coloured pictures capturing the essential parts of the wedding ceremony. As a matter of necessity, you also get transported away and to the authorities.

The package is the romance feature whose charge begins from $5,324. You are open to 7 days and 6 amazing nights, strictly in any of the 36 beautiful cottages.

You also get tea every afternoon, and daily breakfast at the beachside restaurant with coconut. On the right side of the beach, the couple gets a romantic dinner with a touch of gourmet.

A sailing cruise, a two-day car rental service, and 5 great dinners in the Great House of Nisbet Plantation are not exempted. Plus, the couple gets deep massages by experts at Nisbet’s The Palms Spa. It is no doubt that Nisbet is quite inexpensive for your wedding ceremony.

  • The Mount Nevis Hotel

For your memorable and charming wedding, Ben Nevis Mount Hotel offers magical taste in all of its services. You are grilled with Scottish-like hospitality in a nice gigantic backdrop on the island. All the prices are affordable covering all necessities from start to finish without any cause for stress or ache.

You have access to one of the biggest wedding venues and function suites. There is a suit called Kingfisher, which can take between 10 at minimum, and 200 guests in total, at once. And there is the Snowgoose suite, which has a private treatment, great evening reception, and intimacy among the couple. All you got to do is tell how you want your wedding arrangements to go, and it will be brought to reality.

A professional wedding coordinator will be on board, alongside a red carpet on arrival, an MC, and a flower arrangement. A photographer, breakfast, and evening treat. It can only take 80 guests at 4,950 pounds.

  • The Royal Beach Casino

Lastly, one of the top-rated four wedding hotels on St Kitts & Nevis is The Royal Beach Casino. It is none to have a wide and fantastic capacity of 1,500, covering a total space of 1,377 square meters in the Caribbean. Based on your pocket size and preference, several wedding packages suit you.

There are a couple of professionals that will coordinate every aspect of your ceremony, and make it evergreen. AV equipment and free WiFi is available for the couple and their guests. Certification of your wedding ceremony will be provided. Photographers, great table settings, sumptuous menu are all detailedly on board.

Speaking about special services, you get unique lighting, afternoon break, full breakfast, dinner, coffee break, and several other things. You can choose from either the Royal Ballroom, Plaza Events for an outdoor wedding ceremony, Beachside, or Ocean view terrace.

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