Micro Wedding Packages Near Me [Cheap, Affordable & the Best]

Micro wedding packages have been invoked for quite a long time, but they became widespread during the lockdown. Basically, in some parts of the world. Since social distancing, preventive measures, and a few other things were put into consideration, one could not hold a wedding ceremony where the whole world is in attendance.

However, because many brands are running small wedding reception packages or intimate wedding ceremonies like some will put it, besides, it is just for tens of several people. We have saved you the stress of surfing the net to know those that are close to you. Keep reading to know more.

Micro Wedding Packages Near Me

Everyone wants to remember, from A-Z, all that happened on their wedding day and embracing a small wedding package that brings intimacy and mutual bond with your partner, friends, and families, is the best way to get this done.

You are more relaxed, less or not stressed at all, while the celebration is done grandly and stylishly. All you need is a guest between 5-30 headcount without tearing your pocket or breaking the bank. Check out these all-inclusive wedding packages that may be near you:

  • Sandon Halls

At the venue, a package tagged Small & Sensational wedding item started trending during the pandemic. Its curation is to suit your preference and give you a befitting and colorful day.

You can invite as high as 120 guests, and at a low of 30 people. Additionally, you get a champagne reception where the glasses are just so reflective, crystal showing you the pure color of the wine, plus a celebratory meal for an intimate dinner. For more information call 01889 508 004 or mail info@sandonhall.com.

  • Mail Brae Farm

Mali is located in Southern Highlands, NSW, and it can take between 30 to 54 guests. The management gives you two nights to keep your body calm and relaxed once you have made the payment and reservations.

A particular venue on the Mail Brae Farm, called Augustine’s Room, is where the small wedding ceremonies of couples do hold. Its floors are well polished with standard chairs, sturdy tables, aesthetic linens, nice ceiling with glass windows, giving you a dose of a spectacular view.

There is also an exclusive complimentary accommodation,  but strictly for the bride and the groom. And you get an onsite chef to make sumptuous meals for you. It will cost you $1,500 to own this magic. A photographer will also be on board to capture the most exciting moments, which he will surely document in an album (an expensive charge attachment).

  • Figbird Cottage

Straight in the heart of Terara, NSW 2540, 330 Camero Island Road, precisely, is where this beautiful venue is situated. It is strong enough to take 2 to 20 people, as a micro all-inclusive wedding package location. You get to choose between making use of its garden, an outdoor ride, or a building.

They offer private location-based elopement packages for wedding couples. With the stunning lock of its lawn, which is located on the South Coast, you have an English-Styled garden swimming in nature to host your great day.

You get witnesses, an onsite photographer who will give you either an online gallery or the digital images alone, nice tables and chairs, canapes, high tea, a wedding coordinator, finger-licking wedding cake, a night accommodation for just the couple, breakfast hamper, and a few other things. The cost is from $3,995 up to $7,500.

  • St Joseph’s Guesthouse

This venue offers two different packages, one, you get to invite 8 to 60 guests, while the other one gives you a room that can conveniently hold between 8 to 100 heads. St Joseph’s Guesthouse is located in Hawkesbury.

A non-denominational minister will be on-site to anchor the event, well-made cocktail would not go wrong for your guests, either. On the open lawn, the couple can have an outdoor reception.

Since there are two small all-inclusive wedding packages, you get to choose a 3-day hire, which gives you 3 nights of accommodation for your partner and 10 guests at $5,500, or the other one where you have a 5-day ride in a mini honeymoon in the guesthouse once the wedding day is over, at $7,000.

  • The Australian Botanic Gardens

At Australian Botanic Gardens, there are 8 different aesthetic gardens for you to make a pick for your micro wedding and elopement. Secluded flower gardens, woodlands, a lakefront, and a well-kept lawn gives you an ultimate feeling.

This garden is available for $1,500, provided that you would be hiring it for a whole day, while you will have to pay just $450 upwards for micro wedding package use and bookings.

There are three ways of making payments. One is a 3-hour reservation in one of the places, the Connection Garden, precisely, for an elopement, at $755.

Then, there is $770 over a 2-hour venue hiring a few chairs, a carpet runner, and a ceremonial table; all these are for ceremonies alone. Lastly, you can choose a picnic reception where you get to make use of the lawn, excluding inclusions for photos or ceremonial packages, just picnic styled session at the cost of $1,500 only.

  • Goolawah Retreat

Have you ever been to Crescent Head, around the Mid-North Coast? I’m pretty sure you didn’t take cognizance of the elegant pavilion for wedding packages, ceremonial functions, and several other things. It can take over 30 guests, while just 32 people can stay the night if needed.

Amazingly, you can make your reservations for your micro and small wedding package for either 25 or 35 guests for just $6,000 (provided it is for a mid-week micro wedding), and $10,000 (for weekend small wedding ceremonies). While there are special offers between November and December.

You get to have a 28-acre terrain, as guests who want to camp on-site are free to, because there are fixed and great provisions for them. Spots for dancing, dinner, and sports are not exempted as well.

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15 Best Micro Wedding Venues in the U.S

Nothing comes close to one of one’s dream days happening right before the eyes, where his partner remains just as close as the skin over the bones. With lovely people around to add more spice to the moment. Hence, no one wants to have an event like a wedding ceremony in an unsatisfactory place.

Check out these all-inclusive small or micro wedding venues located in several locations, strictly in the U.S, to place your bookings and reservations. You need not worry, they have all proven to be trusted and tested over a couple of years.

  • Moon Palace The Garden Cancun

This adorable, stunning, and jaw-breaking is located in Mexico, Rivera Maya, to be precise. It cost you just $4,000 if your guest is 10 on point. You can even choose to pay in bits monthly, while you complete your payment three weeks and seven days before D-day.

For an all-inclusive small wedding packager, she offers you a spa for the adults, great playrooms with stunning arts, plus a waterpark for the children. Essentially, you could also earn credits and additional benefits if your guests or package preferences demand it.

You need to note that the venue gives you all you need except a minister. You would have to get that yourself, and if you are Catholic, getting a sacred place is ideal, hence, you will have to come with one.

  • Olympic Lagoon Paphos Wedding

When you bring 20 guests, you get to pay just $2,000 for keeping a slot. And with the same discussion with a similar event, you can pay to install mentally for a month until your complete purchase is done 13 weeks before the big day.

There is a distinct and stylish look Olympic Lagoon Paphos gives, especially because is just a few miles away from the beach. With the white side all over, selecting this place for your all=inclusive wedding package will never go wrong.

Luxury, stylishness, serenity, great facilities, spacious and amazing spaces, coupled with standard delivery and dope backdrops to feed you, your partner, and all the guests whatever you need.

When you make payment, you enjoy the service of a photographer, on-site videographer, a wedding cake, flowers, make-up and hair for the bride, discounted prices on guests’ accommodation, and the like.

  • DB Seabank Resort & Spa

DB Seabank Resort and Spa needs to be a course that is needed to be studied in the university because it is just too beautiful to remain a venue for an all-inclusive micro or small wedding package. It is located in Malta, Mellieha Bay. It can take up to 450 guests on the seat, and 800, on legs, standing.

Its premium and private terrace, especially the rooftop where get to run the ceremony under the face of the moon’s light, definitely after you could have tested the finger-licking meals, courtesy of the professional chefs on board.

A visit and the beginning of forever can kickstart in the Gazebo terrace, which can occupy up to 300 guests on legs, standing, and 150, seats. You get to enjoy everything you need to make a memorable wedding ceremony.

  • Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa

Montego Bay, Jamaica, will forever be grateful to house this stunning place. All the services provided here are 5-star, and it is in the middle of tropical gardens, and aesthetic landscapes to make your day bright, clean, clear, and amazing.

A 10-dinning choice, adults pool, several bars, spa treatment to calm your nerves before or after the ceremony, plus other great things are what get in your hold for a cost of $3,700 for up to 10 guests.

  • The House

At The House, your all-inclusive micro wedding experience can’t go wrong. You have a welcome cocktail once you pull out on-site, and a nice sparkling bottle of exotic wine follows once you find your way to your room.

You also get a personalized website for your registry, honeymoon, and turndown service in the course of your stay. If available, you get your room upgraded to the classier one. You get to pay $5,000 for bookings and reservations of just your partner and you.

It is located in Barbados, around the circumference of one of the best places with the most beautiful beaches on earth. Hence, you are set to caption a series of enthralling moments. Various features are available for you to have a great wedding ceremony and catch fun.

  • Crystal Cove Wedding Packages

You can gladly tie your nuptial know on in the Crystal Cove. There is a cave for organizing ceremonies for a small number of people who will feel the warmth of the environment and place their eyes on the natural beauty from both the interior and the terrain as well. All-inclusive features in the package begin from $4,400 per couple.

You could also choose one of the pool sides, a garden, or the open-air beach to dish all your itineraries for the wedding. All you need is to convey your preference, ranging from wanting either a symbolic or legal wedding ceremony, choice of package, the number of guests, and preferred venue.

Sam-sex all-inclusive micro wedding package is prohibited here, hence, if you are in search of one, try out any of the venues in Mexico. Else, you need to be around two business days before your day.

  • Moon Place

Moon place is located in Jamaica, and Ocho Rios is where she lays her tent. It has the largest private and premium beach in the whole of Ocho Rios.

Asides from this, it offers stunning sights of the ocean right from several of its venues where one could have an all-inclusive small wedding ceremony. It is just $2,900 for 30 guests.

A world-class spa, game house for the children, lounges, and wine bars with exotic and luxurious brands are also there for you to unwind. The more reservations you make, the higher the features and benefits you get to merry. Everyone and anyone can hold ceremonies here, exemptions for the Catholics who would be using a consecrated place.

  • Dreams Punta Cana

This resort offers small and cheap all-inclusive wedding packages. It sits in the heart of the Dominican Republic, Punta Canna got her circle. Bringing children and adults over for the most beautiful day of your life can never go wrong. There are packages and places for all and sundry to merry, catch fun, and keep wonderful memories.

Free internet access, drinks, snacks, and fruits, as well as ceaseless entertainment, are well assured with other honeymoon features to paint your day with Rainbow. $1,900 is all you need to make all this magic.

  • Dreams Sapphire Resort & Spa

In Rivera Maya, Mexico is where you would locate Dreams Sapphire. They have competent and professional workers who are ready to serve you the best.

On the wedding day, you get an on-site coordinator, nice chairs, and a ceremonial table. For every fifth room one book, you get a free room for a day. Speaking about the cost, it is just $2,500 for 10 heads. However, there are additional costs if you would be increasing the number.

  • Breathless Cabo San Lucas

You need to have an alluring experience on this special day, hence, Breathless Cabo serves elegance in all of her micro wedding packages, as far as the U.S is concerned.  Elegance is assured, first from one of the venues, which is a rooftop, giving you a direct sight of the Sun while you have captivating moments.

There is also a poolside with a stunning terrace, and a beachfront, all at your fingertips. You get to choose between the taste you want to give your wedding. It is located on Mexico Pacific Coast with unbeaten track records and reviews. All you need is $2,700 to make bookings and reservations for 10 people.

  • Dreams Dominicus Las Romana

First, you need to tell if you would be running a symbolic or legal ceremony, then state your party size, preferred venue, and dates. There is a beachfront, a village-like phase, and a family session which is also used for wedding ceremonies. Dreams Dominicus is located in La Romana, Dominican Republic

Free internet access throughout your stay, intimacy-driven locations with your partner, and several other exciting things are ready to grill you and your guests. You would have to pay $2,100 for just 10 people to enjoy all he gives.

  • Secrets St James

Somewhere on the beach, a dyke with a widely-made hut is surrounded by water, and it is known to host several couple’s ceremonies, you should not be exempted as well.

Everyone gets there on a yacht or boat. Plus, there is also a bar, carte, piano bar, romantic dinner place, wedding gazebo, an oceanfront, and breathless gazebo for your preference. Whichever one you go for, there are great treats and packages, therein. You pay $3,400 per head.

  • Planet Hollywood

It is a resort located in Costa Rica. It offers an exquisite elopement experience in an all-inclusive grand style. Gusto instalo, over time restaurant, a lobby bar of different capacities, a secluded beach for a more intimate moment, a starlets kids’ club for any of the wedding guests that are not of age yet, and a great spa is also available.

How about the meals? They are one you would always long for. $3,800 is all it takes to have this experience.

  • Secrets Wild Orchid

Unlimited-Luxury is the concept that offers all all-inclusive wedding packages on this resort. The gateway is tropically significant in that it gives a bright view of how your whole experience would be. The beach has stunning looks, the backdrop for your venue, just like others, is beautiful, while the designs around are sourced from indigenous art. You would spend $3,400 for 10 heads.

In case you would be staying for quite some time, part of the treats you get is ceaseless entertainment sessions in the evenings. Finger-licking snacks are also available for your guests. A wedding coordinator, free WiFi, tables, and chairs. You need to book early enough to secure everything you need, hence, don’t be caught sleeping.

  • Waves Hotel & Spa

Asides from your stay offers and treatment, you get to use the spa services and other all-inclusive wedding attachments as well. There is a dazzling backdrop that will give you a clear view of the ocean as the ceremony is going on. A wedding coordinator will be provided for on-site functions and several other things. $4,300 is all you pay to get on board.

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