Coral Beach Wedding Packages for You [Top 7!]

Have you ever dreamt of hosting your wedding on an all-inclusive wedding package that is predesigned? Instead, do you want to sketch out the entirety of the day, and even enjoy a few days on a city cruise with plenteous water fonts?

The Coral Beach wedding package is what you should embrace. It comes with great features, leaves remarkable prints in your memories, and paints the glorious day with a rainbow and all precious touches. This beach is located in Florida, and the location will leave your lips unclad.

The address is 2 Thurmond Street, Key Largo, Florida 33037. Everything included in the package covers the start to finish of your wedding ceremony, hence, you got nothing to worry about. Speaking about the cost, it is highly affordable, and upon payment, be rest assured that you have the time for just your family, friends, and loved ones.

Plus, there is always an expert for any aspect of your wedding, ranging from wedding décor rentals, photographer, catering, DJ, guests’ rooms (which come with discount), officiants, hairstyling and makeup, gifts and favor, desserts, and wedding cake, transportation, professional planners, wellness, yoga or spa treatment, and other unique services.

Since you know that the coral beach wedding package is always versatile and comes in different styles, here are a few you can choose:

  • Mount Shasta Resort

This resort is located at 1000 Siskiyou Lake Boulevard, CA 96067, Mount Shasta. Upon payment, you get to enjoy one free night with a minimum of 100 guests on board. This package is strictly under “HERE COMES THE GUIDE OFFER.”

Although the fee is not static due to the seasons of the year and other factors, you need to have $2,500 with you to book the resort and give your event some caramel topping.

The meals are priced individually, meaning you pay per head, and that is $30 per person. For the capacity, it has a maximum of 300 heads outdoors, and 130 for standing. The reception, cocktails, and ceremonial venue also have the same statistics in check.

Venue type is in phases, you have a country club or golf, restaurant, retreat, mountain, banquet hall, spa, and resort with great event facilities.

It is available at any time of the year without neglecting anyone, wheelchair access is available with no itch. In-house catering service, alcohol, photographer, on-site professionals for help, amplified music, and late nights fun are allowed.

  • Ashford Estate

Under here comes the guide package, which is this wonderful place. It was once a Chapel Barn that got the touch of renovation before becoming the beauty it is now.

With a ceiling soaring too high, you would see yourself diving into royalty, the well-tilted windows speaking of modernity and great treasure speaking from the vintage stone fireplace, makes it a nice place to make your vow right before your partner.

Adding to the aesthetic looks that will keep your spirit in the right realm, every guest enjoys an hour of cocktails, while they have a smooth walk around the pieces of furniture with cozy leather and tall bookcases. Breezy verandas, ballrooms, and towering columns holding the vaulted ceiling with the carved wood around.

Going on, the rental fee is not also static since the time of the year or the day of the week determines it, you have to have within $18,000 to $32,000 to enjoy all the facilities and features.

When you pay, you have everything to yourself for overnight, and a five-hour on-site ceremony on D-day. Depending on the package you embrace, you either pay $175 or $230 per head.

What is included in the package are custom tiered wedding cake (delicious and yummy), tea and coffee stations, hot beverages served before the ceremony, bridal and maître attendants, action stations and ceaseless butler-passed hors d’oeuvres, and several other amazing inclusions. Additionally, there is an estate management fee and a 10% gratuity or service charge fee over the payment.

Speaking about the capacity, for ceremonial functions, and sitting positions, it can only take 215 heads indoors, and 275 outdoors. Down to cocktails and similar offers, you have 275 guests to stand indoors, and no offer for outdoors functions.

The seating reception can only take 275 too without any outdoor package. Paying means you are set to enjoy all the all-inclusive wedding packages on board. Natural settings, buildings, and other structures are there for your use as well.

  • Sonesta Redondo Beach & Marina

A nice and suiting getaway is meant to accustom such a perfect day like your wedding ceremony, hence, Sonesta Hotels and Resorts compliments any of the choices you make over the available all-inclusive wedding packages on board. The environment, facilities, and workers are all hospitable and ideal for your family, friends, and partner to hold an evergreen memory.

For ceremonial capacity, it can take (indoors) 800 guests, and 500 for the outdoor, while the meeting capacity, wedding reception, or any other event accommodates 500 seated guests and 1000 standing legs, 800 standing guests for the outdoor function, and 400 seated guests.

This venue lives within the heart of several local attraction sites, and the popular Redondo Beach Pier is not far from it. Natural lights tend to easily find their way into the venue with the glass wall and French doors opening the heart of a private patio. It will be unjust if I don’t talk about the space available for small weddings and rehearsal dinners, which happen at the private Promenade Ballroom.

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  • The Breakwaters

It offers both indoor and outdoor packages, although the seating capacity and features differ. You have a wide space with white sand right before the eyes of the beach if having an outdoor wedding ceremony is your preference.

Here, several white benches will take 160 guests, and 120 seating bodies for the indoors (all for ceremonial functions). There is also another capacity that can have 160 guests on seats for indoor reception and no outdoor features.

The hall for indoors is beautifully designed with great interiors, nice chairs, and presidential tables, along with luxurious lighting. Sweet music swimming out of standard audio equipment, in-house alcohol, wine for the toast, and onsite catering service are all on the ground for your pleasure.

Landscape grounds, bay, and panoramic views. Also note that when it is July or August, you would not be able to get plated reception but only parties cocktail receptions, while the capacity is restricted to just 60 heads alone. If you then price your meal separately, you will want to pay $115 per head (this price tag is not including plated receptions.

  • Lodge By The Blue

Still under the Here Comes The Guide package is an amazing venue you will want to look into. It is located near a river valley right in front of Mount Quandary, where several fun-filled events take place (one reason why it is popular with the whole world). Asides from being the host of all-inclusive wedding packages, it also offers hiking, fishing, and skiing, among other world-class sports.

If you are privileged to make your bookings during the warmer months, you will enjoy taking your vow with your partner under one of the tents located around the Blue River. For your guests, there are private balconies and grand suites with great fireplaces. The Elk or Vista rooms are also going to interest you.

Asides from the fact that you can adjust the price systems for your preference, there are fixed prices for most of the packages. For 150 guests, excluding beverage, food, and venue rental, you get to pay between $35,000 to $55,000.

The things this payment will cover are two lodging nights, cake cutting and dessert, 3 wines, 3 beers, a platinum beverage package, cold and hot appetizers, all the venue spaces, and several other amazing things. You will want to look into all these.

Lastly, on the sitting capacity, it has a maximum of 150 guests for outdoor wedding ceremonies, and a minimum of 80 heads for indoors. If you want to rent tents for outdoor events, additional charges are attached. Photographers, wedding coordinators, tables and chairs, drinks, coffee, and similar things are all within your reach.

  • Key Largo Lighthouse Beach

Key Largo Lighthouse beach is also one of the places in town that are on people’s lips, especially those that want to hold wedding ceremonies around, it has several amazing features and sites that will make your day perfect and memorable. Recently, she celebrated her 1000th wedding ceremony.

Even if you are the most romantic type with your partner before D-day, this venue will surely sit you down for schooling, because the aesthetic concepts and simple outlooks cannot be spoken less about.

Here, you do not need to break the bank to have a perfect day. An average wedding budget can do a lot for you, it will get you the dream wedding that always been existing in your head without an ache.

You do not need to have all the money on earth, before famous, or hail from a noble family. An amazing experience with your family, friends and loved ones is well assured.

You are free to choose between an all-day wedding ceremony (strictly for 5 hours) and make bookings for a whole 4-day and 3-night, plus family parties, even while your pocket remains in a perfect size. There are several venues, all within the same Key Largo Lighthouse, where you can hold your wedding ceremony.

The dyke in the body of the water, a site by a swimming pool side, a lawn before tall looking and greenish trees, a white house with all the lighting, drinks, tables, and chairs to suit your ceremony, plus several other places will steal your heart.

You do not even need to stay in the U.S, some couples reside far but come to hold their wedding ceremonies there, due to the fact most of their friends and well-wishers are mostly in the United State.

What Color Goes With Coral For A Wedding?

There are several sidekicks, but those that are suitable for coral weddings are gold, neutral tones, ivory, white, and teal. However, it can also go well with raspberry, pink, evergreen, and light grey.

You need to be careful and observant when it comes to selecting colors for your coral wedding. You would not want to choose a color in line with someone else’s choice. Take your time and follow your heart, while the color blending is on point.

What is Gothic Wedding?

A gothic wedding is a way of celebrating one’s partner by choosing black for most of the costumes and dresses. Couples choose edgy flowers, food, fashion, and offbeat personalities, rather than the white and pastel décor that most people embrace.

What Is An Art Deco Wedding?

This form of art is popular in architecture, however, it is known for attractive geometric shapes, metallic jewel colors, frames, fans, chevrons, live music, cocktails, gramophones, feathers, sunbursts, lavish ornamentations, and sweeping curves.

What Is A Gatsby Wedding?

Also known as the vintage wedding trend, Gatsby’s wedding is inspired by diamonds, art-deco feathers, patterns, metallic accents, and other amazing items. This wedding style was well embraced in the 1920s, it was so iconic then, and its elegance traveled beyond boundaries.

What Is Gatsby Themed Party?

The ever-known Gatsby party is usually themed with artistic flair, dancing, and sweet jazz music. Guests are also fond of swinging to broadway music, blues, and grooves that will keep their spirit elated.

What Is Traditional Wedding Style?

A traditional or classic wedding is a formal setting where guests enjoy three-course receptions, ball gown style dresses, favorite suits, and tuxedos.

What Is The Most Popular Wedding Theme?

According to research, it is said that Beach is the most used theme in wedding ceremonies. Most of the memorable and gorgeous weddings in the world do with this evergreen color. A study even has it that is the one with the most hashtags online, having over 2 million references in total.

What Were Victorian Wedding Like?

There is not much difference between how it was held then and the modern-day style of wedding. The events that happened were that the couples will head to the bride’s parish church, where they will sign the register, and numerous flowers will paint the atmosphere with memorable feelings.

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