All Inclusive Wedding Packages Under $5000

You are not alone on the lane of planning for an amazing and memorable wedding ceremony without tearing your pockets or breaking the bank. It helps to keep the entirety of the whole day on just two important people because that is what it is meant for.

Away from the Disney-based thoughts that fuel several beautiful dreams whenever we put our heads in bed, a glamorous wedding is possible with fitting styling and spice.

In this article, we have made justifications on how you can judiciously spend not even up to 5k, but keep it has its peak, for your honeymoon. Keep reading to know the picks we made for all wedding ceremony packages under $5,000.

All Inclusive Wedding Packages Under $5000

The big day is here, and the ride into paradise has begun with an ignition key. This journey is just for your new wife or husband, perhaps, with a few friends and family members to paint the world blue and encrypt your memories in the sand of time with no wave coming to the sea shore to clear a bit.

Watch how you spent a huge amount of chunks on the beginning to the end of the ceremony, only to be lost in the thoughts of staying strong and returning to the good old days when banks were not broken for just a week, thereabout, celebration.

Below is the top on our list:

  • Cap Juluca
  • Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa
  • Rockhouse

That must have been a scary tale, isn’t it? Well, so far, our readers are spending an enthralling moment in their honeymoon destinations, of which most of them get coverings under $5,000. These are some of the top pocket-friendly, ultra-luxe, and great places for honeymoon packages you would not want to miss.

  • Cap Juluca

It is located in Anguilla, and the terrain environment will carry you to where you have never imagined. You get to feel the freshness and realness of nature on its open-air lobby, white-marble floor, and the lapping waves that pay homage to the bleached sand every minute on Maundays Bay.

It also has several restaurants with sumptuous meals, several lounges, and an outdoor patio that is well finished with a garden shower, still on the same enthralling wave.

In the morning, everyone (both the couple and the guests) gets free coffee cups which will be delivered to everyone, at dawn, and several coolers filled with cold bottles of portable water just a bit away from the beach cabana.

Additionally, wine pairings, spa treatment, flowers and champagnes, sunset cocktails on a daily, plus two dinners, exclusively for the couple, are part of the package to be enjoyed.

The honeymoon package features:

  • Gymnastics
  • Cups of tea in the morning for all the guests and the couple
  • Spa treatment
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Quality sound system
  • Smart TVs in all the rooms
  • Personal event coordinator
  • Yoga session
  • Child-centred activities and hubs
  • A golf court
  • Premium car pick-up from the airport
  • Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa

Ranging from an isle of the valley to white, red, and black sand on the beaches that beautify the premises over a 30-mile drive, this resort has everything you need to have a great and memorable wedding ceremony.

While making bookings for a honeymoon or any of their wedding packages, you are free to make an agreement based on your preference and terms. However, for whatsoever package you might be going for, there is an inclusion of car parking and rental over all available options.

As a plus, you get to be taken to the rooftop for stressless observations and relaxation sessions with presidential treatment, a great dinner called luau, and many other features. There is also classy wine to be consumed on the D-day, an onset photography session with a framed work time, and several great treats.

Some experts are on the ground to spice the totality of your wedding ceremony up. With a clear view of the ocean right before you, under jaw-breaking outdoor decoration, unforgettable reception, and other great curations upon payment, Hyatt Regency, located in the heart of Hawaii, U.S, makes it your one-stop for an all-inclusive wedding package under $5,000.

What you get to enjoy in the wedding packages available are:

  • Wide variations of guests’ invitation
  • Great sound system
  • An effective and professional coordinator
  • Daily coffee deliveries
  • Parking space and car wash service
  • Ceremonial table and chairs with white covers
  • Children’s hub and adult facilities
  • Spa treatment with discounted prices
  • Rockhouse

From the stables of Sandals Resort is where Rockhouse is managed. Nicely located on the west coast of Jamaica, spa treatment and purification rituals cannot go wrong here.

On arrival, the couple gets a great taste of wine, with more being given in the course of the ceremony. Well-arranged candles and rose petals are other things that will warm your heart after dinner because magic will be made out of them.

One of the most booked packages is its Pristine Cove, it comes with varieties of fun, ranging from finger-licking stomach hospital, coconut shrimp, lobster cocktails, a private patio, and every other thing that will perfect your stay with friends, groups, and families.

There is also a cliffside to keep things rocky. Depending on your budget and financial capacity, there are several offers under her all-inclusive honeymoon packages under $5,000. The following is a must, upon payment:

  • A judge or minister
  • Onsite coordinator to assist in the proper planning of the ceremony
  • Sound system, microphones, and speakers
  • Floral centerpiece and a table
  • Set of chairs for the guests with white covers
  • Dessert, wine, cocktails, and premium treatment
  • Turndown service
  • St Lucia

Based on the fact that North America is home to most of the largest and most beautiful beaches on earth, St Lucia Resort and Spa makes it the perfect place to have your wedding. It is filled with lush greeny, hills, and an aesthetic landscape that will make an atheist shout GOD DAMN IT!

This all-inclusive package comes with respectful pride over several watersports, scuba diving, nine restaurants, and a nice golf course. Your one-week honeymoon just got spiced up with special treatments, turndown service, lip-juicing wines, and an all-around Bulter Elite treat.

This resort has the best rates for your wedding, and you can even choose your preference, in case you got to do things on a budget. There are no hidden fees nor resort fees, gratuities and taxes are only included. And the charge is not something you should baffle about.

Additionally, charge less internet access, and a complimentary drive from the airport to the resort, if you are coming from a distance away. Do you know with just $800 (exclusive to the couple, and four other guests) you can have the time of your life, plus an unforgettable wedding ceremony?

All the features are laced in a deluxe package. The perfect backdrop, ceremonial table, wedding cake, an expert wedding coordinator, minister, or judge, chairs with white coverings, and a beautiful full view of the ocean just before you while the wedding ceremony is going on. What else will you not get when you choose St Lucia’s all-inclusive wedding package? Take a look at the features below:

  • One-hour cocktail for the couple
  • Free internet access
  • Hairstyling and make-up for the bride
  • Boutonniere and bouquet for the groom and bride, respectively
  • A nicely made cake
  • Sparkling wine
  • If needed, a couple of witnesses
  • One marriage officer
  • A wedding coordinator
  • Addition of 8 other guests with $15 per head
  • Price-free digital honeymoon registration
  • Romance dinner is strictly for the two adults, the couple
  • Fruit platter on the D-day
  • Deluxe wedding package of $800, a Gold package for $2,499, Diamond wedding package costs $3,499, Platinum offer for $4,999
  • Personal resort tour
  • Breakfast in bed for just one of the mornings that will be spent
  • Decorated chairs for 30 guests at the reception
  • 2 hour DJ
  • An hour of cocktails at the reception
  • Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

Aruba is widely known for its exquisite looks, golden sand that gives a heavenly image from an active drone, exotic outdoor dining treatment, and greasy spa treatment from the stables of Balinese style.

The couple gets six exclusive nights in a pool cabana, a dinner with sumptuous meals and nice wines, private and premium treatment along with several other amazing inclusive in its all-inclusive wedding package.

Laundry service is also available for just the couple, make-up and hairstyling for the bride, petals, great interior decorations in the suites, and cocktails for an hour.

Amazingly, it is just a stone’s throw from an airport, hence, you can request a private pick-up straight to having a presidential check-in. During the 7-day stay, you will want to pay a visit to Stellaris Casino.

One that runs 24/7, or just catch some fun with your legs deeply waving and feeling the warmth of the ocean, have a sip of royal drinks at its adult-based private pool, where you can also relax, have massage treatment, or choose to do other things.

You get these when you hop in Aruba’s all-inclusive wedding package under $5000:

  • Dinner for the couple
  • Ceremonial table and stunning decoration
  • Spa treatment
  • Resort guide and wedding ceremony coordinator
  • Presidential rooms that give royalty tastes
  • Pick-up drive from the airport to the resort, for the couple
  • Being the safest beach and resort in the Caribbean (based on statistics from the United Nations) you have nothing to fear regarding your mobility
  • There are cabs and automobiles for rent to take you around the beach (it is a wide one)
  • Wedding certificate
  • Bouquet and boutonniere for the bride and groom, respectively
  • Spa treatment for the bridegroom only
  • DJ with classy microphones, speakers, and sound system
  • Cocktail hour exclusively for the couple

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  • Barcelo Bavaro Palace

There are a couple of important days in most people’s lives, and that is birthdate and wedding day. With Barcelo Bavaro Palace, your wedding dream will be a reality. All you need do is tell how you want things to go, while an expert in wedding ceremonies guides in the planning.

A lot of distinct features and offers are all yours once you make bookings and reservations on one of the top ten best resorts in the world. Creating magic on that special day of yours, with the turquoise sea, breathtaking gardens, stylish landscape, and unique services would be an understatement.

Her squad of professionals in different fields and specialties will spice up things until your spirit is elated beyond the sky. Barcelo Bavaro Grand Resort gives you an all-in-all feeling; I’m pretty sure you would not want to miss heaven on earth, even for just the few time you want to spend therein.

The beach is home to both symbolic and civil weddings, everything happens below the head of its gazebos, right there in the heart of the resort. However, it was to be a Catholic wedding, there is a chapel named San Salvador, which all Catholics make use of.

You need not worry, it is located just on the resort as well. Since we are discussing all-inclusive wedding packages under $5000 for your honeymoon, below are the features and packages available within this range:

  • Coconut Paradise Wedding Package

It has a complimentary price, where the symbolic ceremony goes for $1,275, while the civil ceremony is just $1,875. When you book this, there is no difference between getting 105 rooms for adults on the Barcelo Bavaro Beach.

However, you need to know that there are restrictions, a list of rooms, which you would love to reserve, is required, and you can only get what you want if there are availabilities. The wedding department takes care of a 21-person dinner, where they provide arch of flowers, rose petals, and huppa (all these for extra pay).

Only if available, your wedding ceremony can only take place either around the area of the garden or the garden gazebo. No modification can be made to the wedding package.

A down payment of $300 is required if you would love to embrace this. And some cases where the weather might not be nice hold the ceremony right before the beach, you will be given an alternative venue, and your payment is non-refundable.

All aforementioned are exclusively for guests that will be staying the nights at the Resort, those that won’t are meant to purchase a day pass. Modifications or substitutions cannot be attached to any of the items available on this package.

Additionally, there are no taxes when you make use of legal documentation or a judge. Check out all the inclusions onboard:

  • A nicely made wedding cake
  • Standard audio system with proper microphones
  • Bottles of sparkling wine for ten
  • If available, late check-out that will last till 3 pm
  • Strictly for the bridegroom only, their room can be upgraded if the availability is on ground
  • Basic and classy decoration for the wedding venue
  • All for the couple, they get breakfast in bed the morning before the D-day
  • Turndown service with rose petals on the bed and unique decoration in the room
  • Dinner reservation for just 20 people, including the couple, if available
  • Blueberry Dream Package

Basic and personality-centered decorations are assured to paint your wedding ceremony in royalty. A witness will be provided for you, reservations in A LA CARTE eatery, from the several ones on active work at the resort.

You would have to pay for the service of a minister or judge, and a witness, just as I have aforementioned. The couple gets to enjoy free internet access with speed in the VIP room.

A piece of a special cake for just 10 people including their bridegroom.

Additionally, you are free to be taken to a room with a king-size mattress, if at the initial point you were given one. On the bed, you enjoy turndown service which is followed by a petal-designed room alongside everything you need to have a blissful day.

The Blueberry all-inclusive package goes for $1,375 for just 10 people who would be residing at the resort in the meantime. Do not be scared when you see a pair of slippers or bathrobes in your room, the resort provides this for everyone that goes for the wedding package without considering which of the packages chosen.

For the wedding certificates, you have them delivered to you via DHL. Hence, you need not worry about its mobility, all you need do is drop your address and all necessary details plus a witness.

When it comes to a spa treatment, the couple gets a 50-minute session. I should not forget to tell you about the boutonniere for the groom and bridal bouquet, all with roses and tropical flowers that are cautiously worn. Below are the features attached:

  • Room upgrade, if available
  • Late check-out
  • A wedding specialist to assist you with everything
  • Mild tension and release massage for the couple
  • A witness, if needed
  • A bouquet and boutonniere corsage for the bridegroom
  • A ceremonial table with a centerpiece made out of roses or tropical flowers
  • Well-decorated wedding venue
  • Additional payment to hire a non-denominational minister or judge
  • Mint Breeze Package

Just like the preceding packages, this one comes with similar features, but slightly different features are not exempted. A band of three Caribbean musicians comprising a vocalist and instrumentalist will keep the ceremony lively for just an hour.

Appetizers and cocktails will be provided for a group of 20 people immediately after the ceremony ends, while another group that is not up to 20 will get an all-inclusive treatment in one of the restaurants on the resort. All it will cost you on this particular all-inclusive honeymoon package is $1,800 for just 20 people (who would choose the resort as their temporary home).

Meanwhile, the bride and the groom will get free internet access (although, this is for all), and a VIP entry to a room package called Bavaro Disco, there you get to request a king-size bed, and if you feel the moderate size there is good enough to keep you two in wraps like onions while you have series of lovely night rest in the course of your honeymoon, then you are good to go.

Check out a bit of the all-inclusive wedding package, therein:

  • 3 bottles of sweet wine exclusively for 20 people
  • Upgrade of the room based on availability
  • Well-decorated wedding venue
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Distinct amenities and sparkling bottles of wine straight to your room
  • Slippers and bathrobes are all for you
  • Legalized marriage certificate in Spanish, Dominican Republic, precisely (it takes a couple of months before it is ready)
  • A witness
  • Roses and tropical flowers for the bridegroom’s bouquet and boutonniere

Asides from the aforementioned, other packages still keep the spot within the $5,000 budget range. There is the Strawberry Passion, where you pay $3,050 for just 25 people (with no change of rules, they need to be staying the night on the island).

The Tangerine Sunset Package owns a price tag of $4,400, strictly for 35 people. It comes with extra charges if you would be adding a couple of heads to the number of guests.

Before we now speak of the civil and catholic wedding package. All the packages listed before now, are wrapped with somewhat the same features, but if you check them out, you would notice the inward difference in style, taste, and elegance.

Top 5 All Inclusive Wedding Packages Under $5000

Booking a venue that suits your dream, pocket, and preparations brings peace and comfort to one’s heart.  Being one of the most important and meaningful events for every human, there is nothing like having a perfect location.

For this reason, I have spent quite some time gathering a list of the best and top all-inclusive wedding packages under $5,000 to spice your honeymoon.

It is time to have that dream of yours kissing the face of reality without breaking your heart or bank. Keep reading.

  • Everglades Package

This resort is located in Florida, where your aisle is a natural carpet called white sand, and have a clear and full view of the beach as the ceremony is going on. All you need do is pay a sum of $4,199 and 25 guests of yours, excluding the bride and the groom, will have in their memories, once in a lifetime experience.

Based on this package, padded chairs will rent the venue white linens, flowers, lanterns, and starfish will create a beauty that cannot be avoided, along with the scattered petals that will give your wedding ceremony the perfect look, all without breaking the bank.

There will be cocktails for a calculated time for everyone, a bouquet for the bride, and a boutonniere for the groom. The dining reception will be mostly filled with appetizers like Mango Chutney, Passed Coconut Shrimp, Passed Mini Beef Empanadas, Passed Jerk Chicken Skewers, and several other things.

While the dessert could be any of these: juices, wine, or you make your preferred choice. You sure would have an enthralling wedding experience when you chose this package.

  • UCLA Faculty Club

You ought to have come across this name or even had fun in any of its facilities. If not, this is located just a mile away from the University of California, on the eastern side, precisely. Its eucalyptus trees, tower-like pines, and wide space make it one of the best places you can have an all-inclusive wedding package.

With square feet approximated to 15,000 at most, Apart from the place of water, you have enough space to run either an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony.

Cocktails, reception, chairs, and a ceremonial table, asides from other polished features hug your all-inclusive wedding package. UCLA is located at 480 Charles E. Young Drive East, in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, with a one-time payment of $4,725, you are making reservations for just 25 guests alone.

These are the things that are what you stand to get upon purchase:

  • Coffee stations and morning deliveries before
  • A wedding coordinator with several years of profession, onsite
  • Dessert
  • Dinner receptions
  • Cocktail special time with the couple alone
  • Dance floor
  • Bartender
  • Bar services
  • House champagne bottle as complementary appreciation to the couple
  • Aquarium Of The Pacific

For those with not so many guests on their lists, you might want to check out this for an indoor wedding party; it is perfect for all you need and desire. Think, and leave the other side of the real work in the hands of the provided all-package wedding packages.

With just your payment, the setting up, decoration, and proper and detailed planning of your wedding ceremony will be solely done by the Aquarium of The Pacific.

When your guests to coming on board, they will not even want to go due to the clear and total view of the creatures and sea plants freely having fun in the aquarium. Not only that, but after the ceremony, everyone can head to the Veranda Roof Top for either rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, or rehearsal dinners.

  • Zoetry Paraiso De La Bonita

Revitalization of your body, soul, and spirit is assured when you hold your wedding ceremony right before the eyes of Zoetry.  You will surely have a deep romantic experience in one of the best resorts in North America. Before your D-day, you will have some minutes of spa treatment in the Zoetery Paraiso de la Bonita.

All you have to spend to have an exotic and memorable wedding ceremony here is just $4,500, of which all your expenses are covered. Quality sound system, microphone, speakers, ceremonial table, a minister or judge, make-up and hairstyling for the bride, and a haircut for the groom. Lest I forget, this is located in Mexico.

  • Grace Mykonos, Auberge Resort

Are you in search of a resort for your wedding ceremony, meanwhile, you make a budget of just $5,000. Grace Mykonos got you covered with varieties of treatments without tearing your pocket.

Both the exterior and interior decoration are stunning, giving you that feeling of intimacy with your partner. It is heaven on earth on D-day, watch all the activities happen in front of the vast white sand and tall palm trees littered around with jaw-breaking effects.

Cocktail, bouquet, laundry service, a judge or minister, spa treatment, and other amazing things that will make the whole week stress-free and fun-filled are well assured.

10 Affordable Wedding Venues in Texas Under $5,000

Booking a wedding venue can be stressful and hard to get. Amazingly, the state of Texas got several places that offer both outdoor and indoor services ranging from natural outlook, great facilities, distinct areas for dining, and state of heart touch.

You need not worry much about your budget, the following are on-budget wedding venues that are beautifully scattered in TX:

  • Farris Wheel Venue

They provide both outdoor and indoor wedding services. The venue is filled with rustic red barns and spacious premises that can take approximately 250 guests.

You would not want to miss this if you love Western-styled locations. Straight in the heart of Killeen, Texas is where it sits.

All it cost is $4,500, plus, all necessary things will be put in place; speakers, microphone, clean-up, chairs, serene environment, and a few other great things.

  • Amish Ban

Just like the previous venue, a whole of 225 people can comfortably sit in this place. However, you can increase the number based on preference without stressfully thinking about heat, everything is put in place to avoid that. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor wedding services.

You feel more romantic and delightful with the vogue of string lights around, giving you a great location to take those amazing pictures. Amenities like photographers, fire pit, and security deposit (not pricey, quite affordable); are all estimated at $4,500.

  • Red Ridge Receptions

Waving its hand from the state is another venue called Red Ridge Receptions, for inexpensive wedding venues in Smithville, Texas. It has been beautifully designed to suit outdoor and indoor use, as far as tying a nuptial knot is concerned.

Here, the premises is lush greenish, scenic, quiet, and all suitable for your dream wedding, without breaking your piggy bank. The service of a bartender, security guards, decorative table and chairs, lighting, advanced sound system, and several all-inclusive packages are all yours when you pay from $3,400 to $4,900.

  • The Barn at 5S Ranch

This venue is made with wood and bamboo sticks that give you a glimpse of light on every look you take. Outside is a lawn where you can have a little time swimming in the air and having a glance at the gorgeous view.

The room for the couple, amazing decoration, nice lights, set of chairs and tables, and enough space, with other valuable services, will be enjoyed once you pay from $3,500 to $4,500, to get yourself sailing on.

  • Shirley Acres Weddings

Are you searching for a cheap place with an all-inclusive wedding package to get married? You need to check out Shirly Acres located at 217 Woerner Road, Houston, Texas 77090. It offers both indoor and outdoor treatment for your most beautiful day.

It has been serving customers in this course for over two decades, and gain enough presence in the state. Sharing a border with Cypress Creek, you get to enjoy a terrain environment with a courtyard filled with well-treated green grass.

While palm trees, pine trees, and oak trees, are not far from reach. You either choose between the Gordon Room and its Pavilion. Capable of taking 400 people, it costs $3000 to make bookings and reservations.

  • Paraiso Maravilla (Formerly known as Las Velas)

Located at 5714 Fairdale Lane, Houston, TX 77057, Paraiso only offers inexpensive wedding outdoor venues under $5,000. Beautified with great landscape, elegance, an Italy-in-Texas kind of feeling, and amazing features, Paraiso is somewhere you would not want to slip off your hand on that beautiful day of yours.

This venue has been delivering over the past 25 years, hence, you got nothing to worry about. Stunning fountains, hand-made and carved stoneworks, well-lined trees, plus every other thing you need to take pictures and document such a golden memory. The highest payment is $6,800, however, with $4,700, you can save the seats for 250 guests.

  • The Barn At Cypress Ridge

There is a barn here that has the capacity of housing 200 people with comfortable chairs, tables, and black and white linens (based on your choice). One can also make use of a bridal cottage, and add to its rustic looks, while you create magic. Get it for $4,000.

  • Wind Dancer Retreat

Wind Dancer is great for your wedding. It is located in Texas, and it offers an all-inclusive wedding package. For just 75 guests, you get to pay $4,750. Tables, chairs, a suite, and a cabin for the groom and bride, respectively are assured.

  • Stone briar Country Club

Ask Frisco, Texas, 5050 Country Drive, to be precise, and she will tell you that Stone briar country club is located in her. The venue comes with amazing and beautiful backdrops, and a golf course where you can play 36 different championship holes with your guests and whoever comes with you for the wedding.

The terrace will get you swimming in romance because you get to make your vows right before the eyes of a beautiful lake over greenish trees. Additionally, Chandeliers are right there in the venue to make you completely see the beauty in your partner’s eyes from another realm.

You need not stress yourself over the smoothness of all the ceremonies. There is a wedding coordinator and director to help in making things go without a headache. With a capacity of 240 for both indoor and outdoor use, cocktails, nice reception, and several other things plus stunning places to take your wedding pictures, you would not want to tick this out.

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