All Inclusive Wedding Packages Under $10,000

The internet is filled with several websites and brands that provide all-inclusive wedding packages, and getting the right, effective, and enjoyable one can be quite burdensome.

However, before checking out for any, you need to look into your budget and proportionally include all-inclusive resorts, all-inclusive destinations, your duration, the number of guests, all-inclusive wedding packages, and other amenities that can be found around you.

Once all the aforementioned are well-listed and budgeted, finding an all-inclusive wedding package becomes easier. That is why we have saved you the stress of rallying around the internet for the best.

Below are the best plugs, you can get with an assurance of having a great experience according to Life Via Lens.

All Inclusive Wedding Packages Under $10,000

So glad to help you on this journey of selecting the best wedding packages that are inexpensive with top delivery, reviews, and happy result. Since getting an exact value for your guest and your payment, here are the top three on the list before we carry on:

  • El Dorado Maroma
  • Hyatt Zilara Cancun
  • Sandos Playacar
  • El Dorado Maroma

With just $7,985, you can have a great and evergreen experience for your wedding. There is a list of amazing highlights you will get when you choose El Dorado Morama, ranging from top-notch hotel treatment, exclusive and specially made wedding website, made for you, free internet access, and several great drinks for lovers of wine, among several others.

When you check the internet for the best beaches in the world, El Dorado Maroma is one of the top ten, meaning you got nothing to worry about. It promised to serve you with a royal touch.

Amazingly, it is strictly a resort for just adults. Plus, there are other features inclusive. Below are the inclusions:

  • An aisle with a runner and great décor
  • Wedding Certificate
  • A drink to welcome everyone
  • Floral arrangements
  • Selection of venue
  • A judge or minister’s service as a non-denominational agent
  • Bouquet and boutonniere, for the bride and groom, respectively
  • Ceremony translation
  • A couple of witnesses if needed
  • Standard audio system
  • Uniquely made wedding program
  • Wedding concierge ready to proffer services
  • Registry for honeymoon and gifting
  • Gourmet-like honeymoon plus breakfast-in-bed package
  • Exclusive dinner on the beach with a private candlelit
  • Free internet access for everyone
  • Spa services with a 15% discount
  • Couple’s room with a tropic-kind of floral setting
  • Erotically designed suite decorated with petals
  • When you pay for two people to have a beachfront sky massage, you get one for free.
  • The couple gets a voucher to return to the resort for a night after a year after the ceremony

Additionally, this beautiful beach is just half an hour plus away from the Cancun International Airport, giving you easy access from wherever you might be coming from. However, your guest could also be enjoying other inclusions sponsored by Gourmet Inclusive Experience.

These features are Naay Spa, free WiFi, a presidential list of wine brands, and charge-free international calls.

  • Hyatt Zilara Cancun

An opulent and lavish wedding package here will have your pocket grilling off $5,055 for an attendance of 20 people. In case, you are in search of a luxurious experience with a touch of the Mexican lifestyle, then you would not want to miss out on this.

Transfers are available for the couple and guests heading from the airport (it is a stone’s throw away from an airport), for an easy, comfortable, and exclusive experience. These are what you get when you choose Hyatt Zilara Cancun:

  • Symbolic certificate and ceremony
  • Finger-licking wedding cake
  • Top services of a fixed wedding specialist to assist onsite
  • Gazebo location and jaw-breaking beach decoration
  • High-quality sound system to cover all the activities in the ceremony
  • Standard wedding chairs with sturdy looks
  • A table for the ceremony
  • Aisle runner
  • Dinner at the beachfront for the couple
  • Boutonniere and bouquet for the groom and bride, respectively
  • A private reception for a whole three hours without interruption
  • The altar gets a floral centerpiece
  • Great massage strictly for the couple
  • Rose petals-based suite decoration
  • Chocolate-flavored strawberries and champagne, exclusively for the couple on their wedding night
  • Hairstyling, make-up, pedicure, and manicure service for the bride
  • For the spa, the couple gets 15%, while the wedding guests get 10%
  • An individually made wedding website and bridal registry

Asides from the aforementioned, you are free to request additional services from the management, which will be granted; definitely with extra costs.

The bath amenities and luxurious spaces for the couple are available, as well as cool drinks and food, you can also get room services along with a concierge, and free internet access. Just like the previously mentioned resorts, this one is also not quite far from an airport.

  • Sandos Playacar

Sandos is located just by the seaside, hence, you will enjoy a pure, undiluted sea look while the ceremony is going on. The wedding package here is strictly for 30 people, where you $4,750, while the cost of $75 is incurred per guest added, afterward. It is located in Mexico, and it comes with great all-inclusive packages. Namely:

  • Light and exclusive service of a Dj at the reception
  • A wedding coordinator ready to serve you well
  • Laundry services and cloth management for all wedding outfits
  • Room upgrade based on availability
  • Certificate of commemoration
  • An hour massage for just the couple at the resort’s spa
  • Hairstyling services at the spa
  • Make-up services, plus manicure and pedicure treatment at the spa
  • Presidential wines for wedding toast
  • A wedding cake with three tiers
  • An hour of private cocktail
  • Three different centerpieces
  • One or two, at maximum. Boutonniere and bouquet for the couple
  • You have a beach permit that has been approved by the government
  • Reception dinner for just three hours, strictly for the couples

5 Best Destination Wedding Packages Under $10,000

Do you want to have your wedding in an exotic and beautiful place, while with a one-time payment, everything you need for a successful and blissful wedding ceremony is covered? Then, you need to check the following places for wedding packages that do not cost up to $10,000.

  • The Fives Beach Hotel

The hotel provides everything needed to have a romantic, memorable, colourful, and great wedding experience in Mexico, once you pay $7,950.

Located in the middle of a landscape that is spoilt with the beauty of nature, a tropical terrace, subtle and smooth sand beach, The Five Beach Hotel and Residences remain the best, and top-rated place to get your wedding packages under $10k without stress.

There are other experiences to be enjoyed by your guests, however, here are the general packages you should expect:

  • An hour of cocktail
  • High-quality and standard sound system
  • If needed, a couple of witnesses
  • Concierge, a coordinator, and a professional wedding planner’s services
  • Proper arrangements for floral
  • Sweet location and terrain for the wedding ceremony
  • Amazing altar decoration
  • Two dozens of chairs to cater for the wedding party
  • Boutonniere and bouquet for the groom and bride, respectively
  • All documents will be well registered
  • There will be a translation at the ceremony
  • A drink per person to welcome everyone
  • Reservation will be made for a group of a few for dinner
  • A four-hour reception strictly for the couple
  • Gourmet bites for the groom’s room
  • The wedding couple gets 24 hours reservation for Bali Bed
  • Private butler service for the bridegroom.
  • A basket of breakfast for the honeymoon
  • Exquisite bottle of wine mainly for the couple on the D-day
  • The wedding couple gets 15% off the actual price for spa services
  • The couple’s room is treated with a tropical floral arrangement
  • Rose petals-designed suite
  • A couple-only massage for 25 minutes
  • The bridegroom gets a tour as a compliment

Having said these, the other services to be enjoyed by guests, all from the hands of All Senses Inclusive Experience comes with:

  • A day room service
  • A gym
  • Charge-free internet access
  • International drinking and dining choices
  • A club playhouse for kids
  • Live band and entertainment
  • Seven different pools
  • Nicely located spas numbering up to five in total
  • Dreams Tulum

The prices here are in two phases, there is a fixed one from August down to October, while a general cost is attached for other months of the year. With great and stunning locations for your wedding, this saves you from unnecessary expenses.

At Dreams Tulum, you pay $3,700 per 20 guests in other months of the year and $3,599 strictly from August to October. What would you not love about this place, when it is one of the most trusted all-inclusive wedding treatments for everyone?

  • Dreams ultimate packages include:
  • A stand-by wedding coordinator to offer services onsite
  • A non-denominational minister
  • An aisle runner, 20 chairs, and a ceremonial table
  • A well-shot and edited video capturing all wedding activities
  • Standard and high-quality sound system
  • Boutonniere and bouquet for the groom and bride, respectively
  • Two corsages and two boutonnieres at the wedding party
  • One ceremonial table and a floral centerpiece
  • Great wine with amazing taste for toast
  • A colorful and enriched wedding cake
  • A wedding album with just 50 quality photos
  • A spa treatment for just one of the couple
  • An hour of cocktails with a live band and entertainment
  • Hairstyling and make-up for just the lady
  • A discount of 15% off the actual price for a spa treatment for the couple only
  • If available at the time of booking, a couple gets late checkout
  • On wedding eve, a slot is available for one of the couple to use a complimentary room
  • Rehearsal dinner in a semi-private way

Inclusively, a minibar, DVD player, and a plasma TV plus its cable will be part of the amenities you would enjoy in the couple’s room. Six lounges and nine restaurants will be open for drinking and dining.

Free internet access, and an explorer club to engage wedding guests who are still young. Amazingly, the resort will have you journey for an hour and 32 minutes from the Cancun International Airport, where all transfers and organization will be solely handled by the management.

  • Wyndham Alltra Cancun

Since 2022 is moving towards its end, this resort released two different price phases, one that will be enacted until the year is over and the other one throughout 2023. However, all packages are all-inclusive and luxurious enough as a wedding package to befit your dream ceremony.

For 2022, it is $9,250, exclusively for 40 guests, and $9,909 in the coming year, 2023. There are extra charges if you would be bringing more guests on board.

Children within 3 to 12 years would pay $47.50, while 13 years above (including adults) enjoy the ceremony for just $95 per head. It is then $160 per person if you want to include guests that would not be staying the night or taking so long a time at the resort.

This resort is perfect because its services are multi-generational, great and exclusive treatment and experience for different ages. Even the entertainment features are not exempted.

There is Aura Spa if you are an adult, and Camp Alltra is strictly for the kids because its environment and activities state just that. Shortly before moving on to the extra inclusions on their all-inclusive packages under $10,000, take a look at the general features:

  • A wedding specialist for onsite services
  • If available, the couple get an upgrade in the suite
  • Close to an hour massage for a wedding couple
  • Eye-catching interior decoration for the couple’s suite
  • Pressing and managing the clothes of the couple
  • Pedicure, manicure, hairstyling and make-up for the bride
  • Haircut and a package called “Men’s Saver” for the groom
  • Boutonniere and bouquet for the groom and bride, respectively
  • Gazebo or well-decorated wedding location
  • Wedding certificate
  • A secular officer with bilingual services
  • A soloist performance, which could either be a guitarist, violinist, harpist, or saxophonist
  • A professional photographer to handle 24 quality photos that would be on a CD or in an album
  • A videographer to cover the entire wedding ceremony
  • A trio of a Mexican band to play live for 45 minutes
  • Nicely made wedding cake
  • The wedding couple gets an amazing beach dinner with a touch of moonlit
  • A year after the wedding ceremony, the couple gets a complimentary night
  • !0% discount on all spa services enjoyed by the wedding guests
  • A pleasing atmosphere is set as turndown service comes during the wedding eve

When you choose this location, other benefits are set to be yours by default. Which includes a fitness center, free internet access, live band and entertainment, pristine pools, awesome room service, and unlimited drinking and dining. Additionally, the resort is just 20 minutes away from an airport, and you can request a transfer, upon booking. A great choice for your all-inclusive destination wedding package.

  • Fiesta Americana Condesa

Also known as Abrazo, Fiesta Americana Condesa allows payment for 30 guests, and costs $4,868. However, if you will love to add more people, you would pay $90 per head, provided that they will be staying the night or their time at the resort, while it goes for $163 if they won’t. Amazingly, neither 15% service nor 16% tax is included for you, as a customer.

Here are the advantages and services you get to enjoy when you choose Abrazo’s All-inclusive destination wedding package:

  • Non-denominational minister to run an iconic ceremony
  • A ceremonial table and set of white chairs
  • Boutonniere and bouquet for the groom and bride, respectively
  • A finger-licking wedding cake
  • Sweet wine for a great toast
  • Quality and standard sound system
  • Exclusive cocktail hour for just the wedding couple
  • A three-hour reception with stunning basic decoration
  • A live band and entertainment session for just 45 minutes
  • On the wedding night, the wedding couple gets a turndown service in their room
  • A 25-minute massage session just for the couple
  • The wedding guests and couple get to enjoy 15% of their spa treatments
  • A 2-night stay for the couple after their first anniversary
  • On-site wedding expert to program the genesis and revelation of the ceremony.
  • A rehearsal dinner session for just 20 people
  • Laundry services for all the couple’s wears
  • On D-day, one of the couple gets a complimentary room
  • If available, the couple gets late check-out

All the services you will enjoy our 5 stared with a brilliant touch of luxury, as kids and adults would be lost in several amenities and entertainment, especially if you have a set of guests that comes with their full family.

Asides from the aforementioned, everyone you bring to the resort will get to enjoy teens and kids’ club, ceaseless drinking and dining, live band and entertainment, and accommodation with rain showers and a 55-inch advanced set of TVs.

  • Excellence Riviera Cancun

All the services provided in this resort are 5-star in nature, hence, you get to have a complete luxury feeling. Tropical terrains, swimming pools, exclusive offers, and many amazing things take you and your guest on a nice ride.

A golden experience is assured for just a cost of $2,400, with all-inclusive destination wedding packages jumbo. To sparkle things up, selecting the Excellence Club as a one-time subscription gives you access to private and VIP arenas, an upgrade in all amenities, and added perks, among other things.

Things are easier when you request for transfer since the resort is just 23 minutes away from the airport. Everything will be well arranged, so you got nothing to worry about.

The following are the general features once you make payment:

  • The service of a non-denominational minister or judge
  • Quality and standard decoration at the wedding ceremony
  • High-quality sound system
  • A professional wedding coordinator, onsite
  • Make-up and hairstyling for one of the couple
  • A 50-minute massage for both the bride and groom, all at once
  • A discount of 15% for the wedding couple on spa treatment
  • A trio music entertainment for just 45-minutes
  • A professional photographer to take 20 full digital quality images
  • 15 minutes video clip of the wedding ceremony (detailing documenting the most important parts of the ceremony)
  • Full-time laundry services for all the clothes of the couple
  • A night before D-day, the couple gets a suite location based on their preference
  • Couple enjoy turndown service on their wedding night
  • If available, the couple gets late checkout
  • An hour of cocktails for the couple
  • Sparkling wine session for just the couple
  • A four-hour reception for just the couple
  • A sumptuous wedding cake
  • Four corsages or boutonnieres during the wedding party
  • Advanced boutonniere and bouquet for the couple
  • A centerpiece with flowers on the head table

5 Cheap All-Inclusive Wedding Packages under 10k

While you keep the dream aloft, there are brands, resorts and companies that are established to do the planning of your wedding ceremony for you, all without stress. Here are the top three:

  • Atlantis Bahamas
  • El Mangroove
  • Dreams Natura Resort & Spa

While some charge you for bookings, others do not. In this article, you get to have at your fingertips, a set of cheap all-inclusive wedding packages under $10k. They come with a touch of luxury and presidential features, let’s dive in.

  • Atlantis Bahamas

Here, love is shared with a toast of unforgettable memories as your wedding ceremony takes place. The packages cover everything needed during, before, and after the reception and ceremony; food and drinks, inclusive.

Above all, you get to enjoy a night in one of the rooms that take a full view of the gorgeous ocean. All you need do is pay $8,975 for a mid-sized group. The following are features included in the package you would get:

  • The couple get a 3-night accommodation on the Royal Water View
  • VIP treatment during the couple’s check-in
  • All-round private road transportation from the airport
  • Memorable wedding ceremony with premium touch
  • On-site officials
  • Top-notch marriage license that comes with these services: apostille fees, licensing escort, premium transportation around the area, and application
  • Groom’s boutonniere and bouquet for the bride
  • 50 quality wedding photos in an album and a 4-hour photography service during the ceremony
  • Strawberries and champagne on the wedding night
  • $350 worth of resort credit
  • Marriage license in two copies
  • A premium gift to the couple from Atlantis Bahamas
  • El Mangroove

You would also want to have a glimpse at Costa Rica if not a full view, for your all-inclusive wedding package at a cheap price under $10k. El Mangroove is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The arena is premium and secluded from noise and disturbance. Her packages cover all you need to have a memorable wedding ceremony, as 40 guests go for $8,000.

The wedding packages cater for all these:

  • Spa treatment with a 10% discount
  • Nicely looking wedding cake
  • Advancement in room setup for both the couple and their parents
  • Room-based amenities on the first day of arrival for the couple
  • Iconic ceremony with symbolic finishing
  • Boutonniere and bouquet for the groom and bride, respectively
  • Distinct canopy decoration
  • Petals and foliage for the guests
  • Turndown service is strictly for all the guests on the wedding night
  • A centerpiece with flowers during dinner
  • Acoustic music band on the D-day
  • A professional camera, Polaroid, particularly, to take 80 photos during the reception
  • Make a preference from 7 different decoration packages
  • Private dinner for the couple
  • An hour appetizer
  • Dreams Natural Resort & Spa

This resort will give your budget a befitting smile, being assured that you would have an unforgettable wedding experience. It is located in Mexico, and your spending covers between 50-79 guests for just $7,500.

Dreams Natural Resort & Spa is your one-stop all-inclusive wedding package, cheap under $10,000. These are what you would get asides from a professional wedding coordinator that will handle every single detail of the ceremony:

  • An hour of cocktail
  • A 2-hour rehearsal dinner
  • Private ceremonial event
  • Clothing services over all their wedding attires
  • Chair covers on all the guests’ seats
  • A shoe check station strictly for all ceremonies that happen on the beach
  • A 3-hour private wedding reception
  • A ceremonial table for the couple with presidential linens
  • High-quality sound system with microphones and speakers
  • A premium check-in for groups
  • Free nights a year after the wedding ceremony
  • One free room on 10 paid rooms
  • Secrets Puero Los Cabos

This resort is strictly for adults, however, is it one of the best places that provide an all-inclusive wedding package with an obvious touch of luxury.

You would want it to witness the tying of your nuptial knot. The most booked package of theirs is the Ultimate Wedding Package, which can be customed to meet personal needs. For just 30 guests, you get to pay $3,799. Take a look at the things you would get:

  • A non-denominational minister or judge to conduct a service
  • Laundry service for all couple’s attires
  • 30 pieces of a nicely designed chair with linens, aisle runner, and ceremonial table)
  • A 30-minute professionally shot video covering detailed sessions of the wedding ceremony
  • Boutonnieres and bouquets for the groom and bride, respectively
  • A ceremonial table with one natural floral centerpiece
  • A ceremonial table with one natural floral on the sweetheart table
  • Premium private rehearsal dinner strictly for 10 at most
  • Nice wine with a colorful looking and creative wedding cake
  • An hour of private cocktail plus hors d’oeuvres
  • A premium and private reception for all
  • A night before the wedding, one of the couple gets to use a room for free
  • On the wedding night, couple gets premium turndown service
  • Extended or late check-out strictly for the couple
  • Quality sound systems with microphones and speakers
  • A make-up and hairstyling treatment for one of the couple on the D-day
  • During an hour of cocktails, a live Mexican band entertains
  • 15% discount on spa treatments
  • A wedding album with 50 full-quality photos
  • The preferred choice of one of the couple is to enjoy a full spa treat
  • Hotel Mousai

Having a grand and premium celebration is assured if you choose Hotel Mousai. It is also located in Mexico, but only adults are allowed to enjoy its services alongside other extra features.

You get to have a walk through several art galleries, cobblestone streets made up of exquisite restaurants that make your all-inclusive destination wedding package a memorable one.

Would you believe it if I told you that unlike the resorts aforementioned, Hotel Mousai charges $3,690 for a whole 100 guests? You don’t have to leave your lips at such wideness or raise your eyebrow to a height almost reaching your hairline. You heard me right. These are what you have a chance to enjoy:

  • Marriage certificate
  • A well-decorated huppah with Bamboo and a piece of white fabric revealing the ocean
  • Rose petals on the wedding night and a bottle of sweet wine, strictly for the couple
  • Well-made flower arrangements selected by the hotel for just two areas
  • One microphone, one speaker, and other started audio systems
  • An hour of a live music band doing solo
  • White-colored tiffany chairs strictly for all the guests
  • Lovely turndown complimenting the wedding night
  • Half an hour and 20 minutes of spa treatment strictly for just the couple
  • Both the bride and groom get late check-out

What type of wedding venue is the cheapest?

Making up one’s mind about the perfect location for a wedding ceremony can be quite a headache. Holding a unique and memorable wedding ceremony should not be the cause of you breaking the bank or going overboard. Therefore, we have taken the stress off you by digging, here comes a list of cheap wedding venues you can trust:

  • Your home yard or a backyard
  • Courthouse or a City hall
  • A community center
  • In a park
  • On a beach
  • In a library
  • On any historical site
  • In a theater
  • An aquarium or zoo
  • In a garden
  • On a barn or farm
  • Vrbo or an Airbnb
  • Café or restaurant
  • A college or school

Then, you need to inform the management of any of the above, ahead of time. Just to make proper preparations to be on the ground. But you need not worry about doing any of these if you off her whenever she pays a visit.

How can I get a super cheap wedding?

To get an inexpensive wedding as a couple, all you need do is have the whole amount you budgeted on the ground. Make a list of how you want every part of the ceremony to go, while you await the fixed date to have a full and clear view. Although it could be filled with taskie because it is just you that will think of several things (if not ending up forgetting some), unlike an all-inclusive wedding ceremony.

However, one needs to cut his coat for limited capacity. Take your time, well enough to make quality preparation where all necessary aspects of the ceremony are covered without slipping off any.

Spend quality time with your partner stating some top three things that must be done to spice things up on D-day. This could be a live music band, turf dinner or plated surf, loads of flowers, etc.

In all, your marriage certificate, venue, attire, decorations, photography, and invitations should be your concentration circle. Since it is something cheap, do not select a venue that is far from home as the reception. Enjoy your day and make undying memories.

What State Is The Cheapest To Have A Wedding?

In a country where the cost of living is pricey, having a wedding ceremony can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, you can get a cheap wedding ceremony in Utah, while Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming are the next on the list.

How do You Have A Destination Wedding Under 10000?

Budget your funds and have them available. Travel around September or October, or November or December, by bookings are always not pricey. You will want to go for an all-inclusive wedding package, where you have to worry less or not at all over the outcome, on D-day.

Making your setting simple and touchy with decorations, along with keeping the numbers of attendees little, are one of the ways you can have a destination wedding under $10,000

What does Groom’s Family Pay For In A Wedding?

By tradition, the groom’s family is meant to cater for the entire rehearsal dinner, which means the drinks, food, transportation, entertainment, and venue fees. Also, the boutonnieres and bouquets for the groom and the bride should be the sole responsibility of the groom’s family.

What is Included In A Destination Wedding Package?

There are several things included in an all-inclusive destination wedding package. And the features could vary based on the resort or the hotel. However, some of the important aspects covered, are check-in and out, honeymoon, room service, sound system, chairs and the decoration of the wedding ceremonial location, drinks and food, a non-denominational minister or judge, and several other things.

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