CHEAP N’ Affordable All-inclusive Wedding Packages for 50 guests

When all-inclusive wedding packages began, the net was not saturated with so many resorts or venues but has it gotten the eyes of the world due to its comfortability and system, it is now uneasy to get the right one.

Fortunately, we have gone through the eyes of a needle to get you the right ones, proven to be the best, trusted, and most used. According to the reviews of people.

These wedding packages are mainly for those who are looking forward to inviting just a golden jubilee of heads since too much salt spoils the stew. A few restrictions and terms are attached to most of these places, but their policies are one you can easily reckon with. Follow me.

All-inclusive Wedding Packages for 50 guests

Everyone has different needs, tastes, and preferences, however, we are sure that you would love any of these. Keep reading to know the wedding packages for 50 guests near you:

  • Dreams Riviera Cancun

This resort offers several services which include conferences, business meetings, and wedding ceremonies. It is one of the best packages for anyone looking forward to attracting a large number of people.

Your guest must not be between 50-79, of which you have to make a payment of $7,500, while 80-100 heads go for $11,900. However, extra charges are attached per person if you would be adding to either the 50+ or 100+ heads.

Boutonniere and bouquets are available for the couples, along with an hour of cocktails, a dinner for rehearsal, a 3-hour premium reception at the open bar with either a dessert station or buffet, or both.

Since there is a spa at the resort, each treatment or service will go on a 20% discount for any satisfactory deal. Microphones, speakers, and other sound system gadgets needed to have a great and balanced day are well assured.

A private dinner with an able bartender is not exempted. All chairs and tables are provided, but there will be an upgrade for the couple. As the bride gets make-up and hairstyling sessions against the long-awaited beautiful day, the resort makes rooms for the groom to also have laundry services After a year, you get a free night on the anniversary, these and many other things are what you will get here.

  • Barcelo Maya Grand Resort

Every extra guest will have to pay $75 for a great experience, while the exact price remains $4,300. Upon payment, you get a nice wedding location, an on-site wedding coordinator, a live music band, and entertainment on the wedding day. Your guests will likewise appreciate the sweet and exotic wine they will serve for the ceremonial toast.

Additionally, everyone eats a wedding cake, and the couple gets a bouquet and boutonniere, respectively, while the private and premium reception is opened, paying services to all the guests on the beach, while the 3-hour wedding reception is going on.

As a special treatment, the bride gets bridal make-up, natural white orchid hairstyling, pedicure, and manicure. If available, the couple gets an upgraded service when they place their reservations and bookings. Speaking about someone to hold the ceremony, there will also be a minister, non-denominational head, or justice of the peace around to make things go fast and smooth.

  • Party Lover Deluxe

Her offers are amazing, they cover everything needed to have a befitting and memorable wedding ceremony. From the delicious ceremonial collection of edibles to the wine and drinks, the premium and private wedding reception at the bar includes an on-site DJ, upgraded interior decoration, a wedding coordinator, chairs and tables, a minister, and several other things.

All you need do is pay a sum of $7,900 for a guest of 50, while you roll in additional guests for $60 per head. They will enjoy all the offers in the all-inclusive wedding packages as well.

  • Wyndham Alltra

Here, the wedding package is all-inclusive as well, but the concept is known as Sanctuary Deluxe. It is family and children-friendly. Located within the circle of Playa Del Carmen & Cancun, you need not stress yourself over every aspect of your beautiful day, there are people, professional ones, in their various fields, that will be given tasks to make the wedding a memorable one. From the start to the end.

The dining options are variations, hence, your guests can make a concrete choice without going for what they do not like. After the wedding ceremony, you may want to attend a few yoga classes, and visit the water park to get your body and that of your partner wet with euphoria in the air, as nerves are relaxed.

For a 50-man guest, you get to pay $16,500, and the wedding packages are made up of everything you need, without exemptions. Its inclusions are make-up and hairstyling sessions for the bride in the spa, royal-like chairs with linens on them for comfort, a pre-planning team, and an on-site coordinator with years of active service and undisputed professionalism.

Since there is a laundry and dry cleaning service in the hotel, all the clothes of the couple are taken care of, washed (if necessary), pressed, and packed to look nice against D-day. A nice haircut and shaving treatment are also available for the groom, so both get to look good and stunning when the nuptial knot is tied.

Other things are white flower-made bridal bouquets, non-artificial floral centerpieces, and standard sound systems with other necessary gadgets. And a 10% discount for your guest on anything they do in the spa. The package is mind-blowing and too dangerous to miss.

  • Planet Hollywood

Being one of the most booked and beautiful resorts in Cancun, you would not want to leave the experience you enjoy. The distance from the resort to the beach is not much, hence, your legs will be glad to have a walk down.

With the Y-shaped pool and amazing pool beds, relaxing with your partner on or before the wedding reception and all, cannot go wrong. Since you are looking forward to inviting 50 guests, all you need to pay is $11,500, which means you will have the resort to yourself for half a day without zero worries and ultimate experience.

A dance floor, mehndi ceremonial setup for an hour, and room upgrade on a complimentary basis. Cocktails will also be available for everyone on board, a great sound system, refreshments, sweet wine, premium, and presidential check-in, and a professional wedding planner on-site, are not exempted in the package as well.

Breakfast in bed, petals, along with a tier of a wedding cake, and veggie lunch, with other stupendous treatments, are what you will get once you make bookings, and buy your time in this resort.

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5 Best Wedding Packages in Mexico for 50 Guest

We got all the details you and varieties of resorts and places you need to check out for an all-inclusive wedding experience. These venues are located in Mexico with tens of wedding guests, allowed to graze your special and most beautiful occasion. It is time to explore, the following is how we get started:

  • Fiesta Americana Condesa

There is no one of any age, gender, or type that would come to Fiesta Americana, without finding it hard to leave. The white sand gives a heaven-on-earth feeling, while the water sports, cautious wedding team, and live shows keep one’s spirit at the highest height.

The resort offers an unforgettable all-inclusive wedding package experience starting from a cost of $6,425, mainly for just 50 guests, which makes you still on track with your budget.

The features in the package are a gazebo or well-decorated wedding altar, boutonnieres and bouquets for the bridegroom, a quality sound system, amazing wine for great toast an onsite wedding coordinator to help do the strategizing and thinking, thereby lessening or terminating the sole stress you will get if you were to make the wedding ceremony happen without being all-inclusive.

Turndown service, premium cocktail hour, and live music band or a soloist (a violinist or guitarist) to light up the atmosphere and keep everyone active. Lastly, you will get a 15% discount on all the services you will get as a couple.

  • Sandos Resorts

This resort is beautifully made with several palm trees, long enough to reach the sky, and well-shaped and constructed pools with blue effects, giving you a feeling of warmth, peace, and serenity. Just like the aforementioned, it is located in Mexico, a chain connected to the likes of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Playacar, and Los Cabos.

You have the most comfortable and exciting day of your life with its position right before the Caribbean Sea. You will surely find your preference with the several all-inclusive wedding packages she got. However, there are general features, regardless of the concept, or package you choose.

She offers two boutonnieres and two bouquets for the couple, jaw-breaking petals during the wedding, a sound system with other necessary audio gadgets, a permit to make use of the mountaintop located at Sandos Finisterra, flower medallions that are medium in size, incredible three centerpieces, a luxurious lighting,  professional DJ onsite, and sumptuous dinner. Her packages are affordable.

  • Grand Palladium

For couples in search of a high romantic spirit and intimacy with their partner, as well as a beautiful setting to light up one of the best days in your entire life, Grand Palladium is the great pick. It has several places that give you a complete party atmosphere with its Party Lover Deluxe package which is particularly for couples alone.

This concept embraces and serves all the features you need to have everything all-inclusive wedding, from top to end. The decoration, open bar, food, music, sound system, venue, luxurious look, buildings, drinks, name it. It is family and children-friendly, hence you can add kids to your guest lists to have a remarkable experience.

Since the wedding ceremony is mainly for couples, this resort allows you to invite not more than 50 guests at $7,900. An open bar, ceremony decoration, extra interior touch on your preference, plus other things that will give room to a vibrant celebration.

  • Royalton Riviera Cancun

Elegance and dope-looking reputation cannot be defined without making mention of the Royalton Riviera Cancun. Almost all couples in Mexico and beyond knows about it. It provides a modern and classy look, giving you all the inclusive wedding features you want.

Royalton is great when it comes to destination weddings. Private reception, pre-wedding events and treatment, private cocktail hour, ceremonial minister or judge, and several other needed things are all yours once you make payment. $12,100 for just 50 heads will create the magic you want, even more.

The cocktail menus come with five different appetizers, a solo musician who will play ceaselessly for 45 minutes, a signature drink for the bride and groom, a groomsman and groom’s boutonnieres, and bridesmaid bouquets.

An amazing sound system, tropical centerpiece, lines, tables, and chairs, plus Tikki Torches that can only be given while on the beach, all-while party with private BBQ… we could go on and a 100-page journal begs for a halt. You just don’t want to let it slip off. You can upgrade to the civil ceremony if you are not cool with every option on the tendered features, an additional fee is attached.

  • Las Palmas Resort

Luxury in nature and services, Las Palmas is a nice place with great aesthetics and stunning architectural designs. A few walks away from the beach will get you to the face of two wide pools where you can relax with your partner, catch fun, and intimately smell your aura.

Jacuzzis are also available if that will be a better pick. The resort has quite several bars around, where you can grab a glass of wine with your dear partner. Pay $1,681 for 50 guests, and enjoy post-wedding brunch, and private dinner.

The package comes with a private and personal wedding coordinator that will help in guiding you around and make things to be in place. Tiffany chairs, ceremonial tables, wedding gazebo, and flower medallions with white fabrics won’t be found wanting. A DJ will be available for a 4-hour service to keep the atmosphere energetic and lively.

Asides from that, a photographer will be on-site to document the necessary events and moments for future use and remembrance. The photo sessions will last for not more than 3 hours, with it, you get a sumptuous meal for just 2 people.

Half an hour spa treatment (for the couples alone), strawberries chocolate, and sparkling wine bottles to turn the moment to cloud 9. What makes this resort amazing, is the fact that it is on budget, and can’t tear one’s pocket.

5 All-Inclusive Wedding Packages: Southern California

It is no longer the talk of the town that preparing for a wedding ceremony can be stressful and draining. That is why several all-inclusive wedding companies are now with several features and packages that suit one’s preference, affordability, and other similar factors.

They provide everything you need for a successfully conjugal bliss, without you racking your head, thereby leaving out some important ventures on that beautiful day with your spouse-to-be. For this reason, have we decided to look out for the top Southern California wedding packages that are all-inclusive. Keep reading for more details:

  • Sandals Resort

At Sandals Resort, you get the most exciting moments and greatest feelings with your loved ones. It is one of the best all-inclusive wedding packages in California, and Southern California, precisely. The dining, accommodation, and other things, are all with a touch of luxury. Amazingly, over 26 years of experience is more than enough to convince you that you will get the ultimate value for your wedding.

There are 16 different restaurants for you to choose from, for a bite, ceaseless premium and quality liquors. You can also get snacks at any time, while breakfast, lunch, and dinner won’t pass you by. Also, every room has stocked bars for your pleasure.

Before your arrival, preparations for a wedding planning team would have been on the ground to aid and guide you in having a successful and enthralling moment, while your marriage documents would have been ready.

Then, on arrival, you enjoy a 15% discount on anything you do at the spa services for the bridegroom, courtesy of Red Lane.

You will also get a boutonniere and bouquet for you and your partner, a musical accompaniment that has been pre-recorded won’t be exempted as well, along with standard chairs, well-cushioned for your guests.

A cocktail will always be waving to you at the reception, exotic wine won’t be found wanting, as well as a nicely made centerpiece for the ceremonial table. There are more packages than the aforementioned.

However, let us talk about the costs; chair caps will go for $5 per one, while the ceremony structure is different types, you would have to call for pricing once you choose from the available ones. Tea lights go for $1, and draping of four panels is $70. Sandals is an award-winning resort, hence, you might want to check it out.

  • San Moritz Lodge

Located on 24649 drive, Crestline, California 92325, San Moritz is your one-stop all-inclusive wedding company. It is just away from Lake Gregory, giving you a green cedar look with the pine forest taking your hearts on a smooth ride. Most of the events that happened here are always in front of the lodge, and this is because there is a lawn with tall and nice-looking conifers.

Its beautiful surroundings are there to have a few hours of cocktails with your guest or just private time with your partner-to-be. Before the eyes of nature is where you get to make your marriage vows and place a warm kiss on the lips of your wife or husband once the minister, judge, or non-denominational head gives the instruction.

The price is between $17,500 to $25,000. However, they vary depending on the time of the week your booking or reservations were made.

Weddings that are done on Saturdays get a $1,500 discount on their costs. In your package are premium rentals, cupcake or cake preference, honeymoon cabin for just a night, well-made meals, an event director, chairs and tables, as well as staging, dressing, and private rooms.

  • Wedgewood Weddings

This brand for everything South California wedding packages all-inclusive treatment. It is a distinct place for you and your partner to tie the nuptial knot. It has a cathedral ceiling whose ceiling is as long as a space rocket wanting to touch the sky, while natural lights come in to spoil it with beauty. It can take between 50-250 heads.

The backdrops are adorable, and well-styled with wood doors, and draping for a geometric wedding. You are free to take personal decisions on how you want everything to be done, the wedding coordinator assigned to you will ensure things are just as you have said.

Although, the rental fee depends solely on what day of the week it is placed, making use of this place for your all-inclusive destination wedding package will cost you between $595 – $3,495 per event.

Rehearsal dinners, LGBTQ weddings, and other things are allowed here. Amplified music for either outdoor or indoor use is also available. The resort is open on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Make your bookings anytime without worries.

  • Chester Washington Golf Course

Charlie Sifford Drive is where you will locate this stunning place. Most of their packages, are unique and all-inclusive, which you will barely find in other places around. Your guests are given free parking slots, and great rates and the natural is more than enough, asides from the lighting done around, to give the pictures the desired aperture for your pictures.

A gazebo place is where most couples hold their wedding ceremony, and it is always decorated with beautiful looking flowers against mature trees and green skin hills. Hosting of a cocktail reception provided the weather is conducive enough can be done in the foyer.

This venue can take up to 300 guests, and it will cost you $25 per person to use. All you need for your wedding will be made available.

  • Chapman Ranch

Taking a look at the aesthetic landscape owned by Yucaipa Valley Golf Course is a pavilion where wedding ceremonies hold. It is located between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Southern California.

You can conveniently have your all-inclusive honeymoon or distant wedding without any itch. Whether you want an outdoor or indoor wedding reception, there are several places to suit your taste.

A breezy terrace for having cocktails is all yours, as well as a lawn that is ideal for catching fun, playing board games, or having a fresco lounge arena. The lighting, floral arrangements, and fanciful decoration are other things that will sweep you off your feet.

Rehearsal dinners, casual affairs, and well-styled restaurants will sumptuous meals are not exempted. It will cost you $2000 per event for rent, and $39 per head for an all-inclusive wedding package. Having the capacity of 250 people, you get to make your choice based on budget.

5 Wedding Packages For 50 Guests In India

Wedding ceremonies cannot be taken with levity, because it is a day with so much dignity and importance. Great memories are meant to be shared, bond, in its manifestation, is meant to be shown as a seal and vow of union that takes place between the bride and the groom.

One cannot make such a moment not count, hence, the need for an all-inclusive wedding package to help spice the cherished moments with a few friends, families, and well-wishers. For it to be talked about, even after the ceremony, among several other reasons, as it becomes apparent in India.

All the meticulous and cautious arrangements and details can all come to reality when you live the whole task in the hand of one who is fond of it. Hence, here are five top-rated destination all-inclusive wedding packages for 50 guests in India:

  • Royal Rajasthan

It has a gorgeous landscape right before the eyes of a lake, with a touch of modernity and royalty. Be it Jaipur or Udaipur, the palaces are nice to have a great wedding ceremony. It is mostly preferred by thousands of Indians who want to tie the nuptial knot. The spacious ground, well-constructed buildings, ancient skin, and caring hospitality would be the causes.

  • A Goa Beach Bonanza

Open that bridal box of yours here and you would be glad you did. The pristine beach, stunning venues, and great aesthetics are ideal for taking pictures, making that vow right before the eyes of your partner, and communing with deep intimacy. Alia Resorts in line with Goa Marriott Weddings are the pillar of this great place for a honeymoon in India.

  • Kerala, God’s Own Country

Being one of the well-known venues, especially in Southern India, Kerala is a place with a long beach for catching fun and holding wedding ceremonies.

Sprawling tea, iconic houseboats, coffee plantations, and several other things will steal your eyes and keep your mind elevated while your wedding is going on. You may want to go soothing in hilly places, or relax in one of the houseboats away from the coast based in Kochi, anyone you want gives you a memorable experience with your partner.

  • Majesty Of Andamans

For the wedding of your dreams, you need an exotic place that will give you a memorable touch while you seal the union of love with your spouse right in front of the eyes of the world. It is filled with scenic beauty with a remote habitation. The setting and highly romantic, hence, you don’t want to miss out.

  • Scintillating Shimla

At the head of the hills is where snow-capped mountains give a laudable sound, meanwhile, let me secretly tell you that that is the best place to anchor romance and make intimacy more intimate with your spouse.

Shimla is the ideal place to have a wedding ceremony, especially during summer. Most of the honeymoons and weddings that happen there are taken care of by Toshali Resorts and Woodville Palace Hotel. You would want to check them out in case you are interested in making magic.

Wedding For 50 Guests Cost

Calculating based on the average cost of most of the necessary aspects, the cost for an all-inclusive wedding package should start from $750 up to $5,250, that’s on the high end. While on a low, if you would be cutting costs and working on budget of hors d’oeuvres only at a bar, then you should budget $15 per head, and a full bar at $20.

Although, you might be spending more if you are someone who prefers including catering options with a touch of luxury. Then, another thing that could make the price skyrocket is if you would be adding alcoholic drinks to the menu. You then be paying more in this case.  All you need to do is determine your budget and know your priorities and the nature or preference of the guests you that are getting on board.

A lot of factors affect the cost of some products, the season of the year, particularly, and the number of tasks you would be heading. If you commit all the food and drinks to the hands of a caterer you might want to choose a venue where there are kitchen amenities on the ground. By so doing, it will be easier and faster to make the meals on-site.

How To Plan An Inexpensive 50-Person Wedding

In case you are looking forward to having an on-budget wedding reception for 50 people, it is advised that you keep your funds between $5,000 to $10,000 at max. Where you might be spending more than half of that on food. Normally, the costs per person, in terms of food is from $70, hence to make all things equal, you will want to book a non-traditional venue, and keep down having a live music band or flowers.

Catering services, which will cover food, cake, and alcoholic drinks (if that will be added) can be $3,000, while bookings and reservations of the venue might go for $1,000, then the rest of the money covers photography, DJ, invitations, make-up and hairstyling, wedding favors, and miscellaneous.

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